Winner of the MEDEA Award for Professionally Produced Educational Media 2011

The Valley of the Jackal: age 11+


Travel to the mysterious Egypt where you will have to outsmart scary mummies and jackals until you have found Wepwawet. Puzzle and count your way through deserts, temples and pyramids.


11+. The Valley of the Jackal is intended for children in year 6 (UK) or in sixth grade (USA).

The enemy and his allies:

Wepwawet, a demigod with mummies, jackals and skeletons


the Egyptian desert with archaeological sites, temples and secret entrances


Exciting story
Popping action
Fun characters
Smart challenges

Tips and tricks


During the minigame Math Cards you are playing at the Monkey Tales poker table. Cards with numbers are running on the table. At the bottom of the table you see an assignment. Complete the assignment by dragging the right card into place. Then press ok at the bottom of your screen. There are also bonus cards. But watch out for the monkey, he?s very smart and tries to solve the puzzle before you do.

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